Free Restaurant Management Solution

Manage table orders, print bill and manage your hotel using your smartphone for free. One app for all your restaurant management


HotelOp [meaning Hotel Operations] is a free Restaurant Management app for your android smartphone. This app lets you use your smartphone to undertake orders, print bills and monitor incoming orders

The app enable multi user login so the hotel manager can have one account and all the hotel waiters each have an account

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • No hidden charges. Free for life

HotelOp Features

Our app has the following features

Fast and Easy to Use

Our app is simple and fast to use

Multi-user Login

Separate login credentials for manager and staff with specific restrictions.

Transaction Reports

Generate transaction reports and print them or save them to PDF

Barcode Scan

Generate, print and place bracodes in tables to scan and take orders

Web Dashboard

View all orders, print receipts and complete orders using the online dashboard.

Kitchen Monitor

Monitor incoming orders view Kitchen Monitor in the app. Works great on tablets too.

Online Database

All the data are saved in our secure server. No need to worry about data loss.

Free for all

The whole app is free to use and there isn't any in-app purchases.

APP Screenshots

Take a look at our app's screenshot. If you want to know how to get started visit the documentation.

Web Dashboard Screenshots

Take a look at our dashboard's screenshot. If you want to know how to get started visit the documentation.

Download our app

Start using our app. It's free.

For documentation on how to start using our app visit here.


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